iCAHE staff are passionate about improving the quality of health care (with a particular focus on allied health). iCAHE is a nationally and internationally respected research centre with strong teaching and research links with:

  • Most Australian Universities with allied health training programs
  • Large hospitals in most Australian states, with active allied health research programs
  • Australian state Depts of Health
  • Australian professional associations of allied health disciplines
  • International training and research institutions (currently Stellenbosch University; Cape Town, Hong Kong Hospital Authority; University of Santo Tomas, Manila, Philippines; Accident Compensation Commission, New Zealand; Tokyo University of Technology, Japan; INTI, Malaysia)  

We have compiled work we have conducted with our partners a database. These are completed projects to which iCAHE were an integral part. You may browse these project by category, being what the research was about, or by type, being the way the research was conducted and presented. 

PLEASE NOTE: Some of the projects we are contracted to work on require a level of confidentiality. Because of this, some full projects will not be made publicly available, and others will not be put forth on the projects page at all. Currently, we do not have any of our full text documents available for download. If you have a specific enquiry related to a particular project, you are welcome to contact us.

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Aging and Health Primary Research
Allied Health Professional Practice Audits and Evaluations
Chronic Disease - Cancer
Systematic Review
Chronic Disease - Diabetes  Rapid Review
Chronic Disease - General Economic Review
Clinical Supervision Scoping Review
Consumer Engagement
Discharge Planning
Indigenous Health  
Mental Health
Musculoskeletal Health
Paediatric Care and Child Development  
Podiatry Care
Sexual Health
Standards of Care