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Turning them on: Engaging young people in disrupting silences about their sexual wellbeing

Australian Research Council - Linkage Project

Professor Bruce Johnson

Turning them onYoung people are rarely consulted about school-based sexuality education. Adults usually decide what content is covered and how it is taught. This research project aims to give young people a say about what they learn in these programs. Using participatory research methods, new insights will be gained into students’ views about sexuality education, the in-school and out-of-school sources of their sexual information and values, and how they make sense of them. These insights will inform the re-design of school-based sexuality education programs that promote the sexual health of our young people.

This project will investigate what young people think they should be taught in school-based sexuality education programs. This information will inform the re-design of these programs and promote the sexual health of the next generation of Australians.

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University of Sussex