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Role of refugee parents’ educational aspirations on their children’s academic outcomes

Dr Hannah Soong

Role of refugee parents' educational aspirationsOften only a simplified investigation is carried out into the relations between refugee parents’ educational aspirations on the positive academic performance of their children. In contrast, we propose a study with greater contextualising and complexity in this field. In order to provide refugee parents with opportunities to articulate their educational aspirations, this study aims to:

  1. Identify the factors that enable and inhibit refugee parents in realising their aspirations in relation to promoting their children’s positive educational outcomes;
  2. Use innovative approaches to researching and articulating refugee parents’ needs, wants and desires that support them to realise educational aspirations for their children;
  3. Examine how refugee parents access, navigate, and make sense of their educational aspirations at their children’s various developmental stages from primary school-aged to post-university years and;
  4. Engage the children and their refugee parent as respondents in the development of innovative and engaging resources for enhancing relationships between refugee families and their child’s place of learning.