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Keeping the best: How school leaders engage and retain high quality early career teachers

Australian Research Council -  Linkage Project

Professor Bruce Johnson, Assoc Professor Anna Sullivan

Keeping the BEstThis project will investigate how school leaders use micropolitical strategies to engage and retain high quality early career teachers. It will develop a framework for school leaders to guide policies and practices to keep the best early career teachers in the profession.

Attracting and retaining high quality teachers to the profession is of international concern as it has far reaching economic and social implications for all nations. In Australia, teacher workforce development has focused predominantly on attracting and recruiting quality teachers, with less attention given to the broader retention process. This study will investigate how school leaders influence new teachers and foster their professional commitment. Furthermore, it will identify micropolitical strategies and activities that can be employed by leaders to promote the effective engagement and retention of quality early career teachers.

For more information, please visit the Retaining Quality Teachers website.