Research degree programs

The University of South Australia offers a range of research degree programs under discipline/research areas. The program name links you to the program homepage where you can find information about the school or institute that offers the degree, research areas available, fee information and study timelines. (See also Postgraduate programs – coursework

A full list of research degree programs and fees including program and plan codes is also available.

Business, management, commerce, marketing and law

Masters by Research*

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)*

Education, arts and social sciences

Masters by Research*

Masters by Research (Indigenous Studies, Australian Studies, Education)*

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)


Masters by Research

Master of Research (Population Health Practice)

Doctor of Philosophy (Health Sciences)

Information technology, engineering and the environment

Masters by Research

PhD (Doctor of Philosophy)



* Denotes English language-rich program. Please refer to English language requirements for more information.

Areas of study and research

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