Scene Sharing for New Generation Collaboration

About this scholarship

The University of South Australia has a PhD scholarship available for students to conduct research into advanced collaborative systems using Augmented Reality (AR) and Mixed Reality (MR). 

Using AR/MR technology, two or more users located physically distant can collaborate with each other as if they are working face-to-face by capturing and sharing their physical environment, augmenting the shared environment with virtual content, and interacting with each other through computer interfaces connected over the network. While basic technical components are available for creating AR/MR based remote collaboration systems, there is a need for tools that enable users to apply the technology to their own target application, creating and customizing their own content to share. This PhD thesis project will explore and develop technologies for such AR/MR based remote collaboration system focusing on the content capturing and authoring aspects.

The main contribution of the PhD project will include designing and developing a AR/MR based remote collaboration software platform that enables users to actively customize and create content to share with other users, developing novel computational methods to capture and represent physical environments combining both panoramic imaging and 3D reconstruction, and evaluating the developed platform by applying it to real world applications.
This PhD scholarship would be ideal for a student who has an interest in remote collaboration using advanced interface technologies including AR and VR systems.

The successful candidate will work with Professor Mark Billinghurst from the Empathic Computing Laboratory at the University of South Australia. See for more information about the research of the Empathic Computing Lab.

This scholarship is funded by the South Australian Government to support applied industry research by the University of South Australia in the area of collaborative computing.


$30,000 per annum for 3 years with the option to apply for a 6 month extension


The scholarship is open to domestic research students: Australian and New Zealand citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia

The successful recipient should have the following interests and skills:

  • an interest in developing collaborative systems
  • skills or an interest in Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality
  • an interest in human computer interaction

How to Apply and Closing Date

The scholarship will remain open for applications until filled.

Applications and enquiries should be directed to Mark Billinghurst: or 08 8302 3747