Bushfire CRC

Postgraduate research scholarships

  • Be part of a dynamic national bushfire research program for safer communities and ecological sustainability.
  • Join a collaborative effort between some 30 partners representing fire agencies, research institutions, universities and industry.
  • Deliver research outcomes that have economic and social benefit of national significance.

The Bushfire Cooperative Research Centre is currently calling for outstanding postgraduate students to be part of a multidisciplinary research program investigating such topics as fire behaviour, management of fire in the landscape, and the social and economic aspects of bushfire in Australia and New Zealand.

A key aim of this CRC is producing the next generation of fire researchers including specialists in a wide range of fields. Students will be involved in professional development opportunities and be provided with support to find employment on completion of their studies. As part of a CRC, students are expected to work closely with 'end users' in the Bushfire CRC, such as fire authorities and land management agencies.

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The Bushfire CRC is offering full postgraduate scholarships valued up to $28,000 per annum and top-up scholarships (for those eligible for other awards such as APAs) valued at $10,000 per annum.


We seek students with strong academic records and relevant experience who are keenly interested in pursuing Masters by Research or PhD studies beginning in 2010, researching these issues for fire and land management agencies around Australia and New Zealand. Applications are invited from students with backgrounds in science, psychology, social science, botany, ecology, geography, IT, economics, engineering and health sciences.

Applicants should be Australian citizens or permanent residents who have (or expect to receive) an Honours degree of class 2A or better.

Am I eligible to apply for a scholarship? (refer to admission selection and scholarship application guidelines for the University of South Australia)

Multidisciplinary research program

The aim of this multidisciplinary approach to bushfire research is to examine everything from safer communities to ecological sustainability. The research themes identified as priorities include 'Understanding Risk', 'Communicating Risk' and 'Managing the Threat', a philosophy reflected in the structure of the research program, which includes projects in the following fields:

  • Understanding community expectations
  • Human behaviour under stress
  • Risk assessment
  • Incident coordination
  • Fuels and risk planning in the interface
  • Fire in the landscape
  • Effective communication
  • Fire suppression.

How to apply

Before making an application, students should first submit an Expression of Interest to the Bushfire CRC. This should take the form of a 1-page outline of their proposed research, including the name of their intended supervisor and university of choice. The Bushfire CRC will review these expressions of interest with lead researchers in the area and provide feedback to prospective students prior to the lodgment of any formal application.

Expressions of interest should be emailed to Research Manager Lyndsey Wright: lyndsey.wright@bushfirecrc.com.

Closing date

Prior to research or PhD studies beginning in the following year

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For further information about Bushfire CRC projects, eligibility criteria and application information, visit the Bushfire CRC website Education page and select Scholarship Opportunities