Advanced filtration technology - UniSA and Puratap Top Up Scholarship

About this scholarship

A top-up scholarship valued at $5,000 per annum, for three years, is currently available to conduct your PhD on an industry-supported project jointly based in UniSA Clinical & Health Sciences and UniSA STEM. An exciting research collaboration between UniSA and the South Australian company Puratap has been established to investigate advanced water filtration technologies. UniSA provides world class research support and facilities, while Puratap provides direct access for the student to experience working in an industry environment.

The specific project will focus on the development of antimicrobial coatings onto membranes for water filtration. Plasma polymer technology that has been pioneered by UniSA will be used to apply coatings that can resist microbial fouling during operation. Research will involve the following:


  • Fabrication of filtration membranes
  • Analytical characterisation of materials
  • Microbial performance testing
  • Integration of membranes into Puratap’s filtration units

This PhD project addresses the domestic and international crisis of providing clean water to individuals.


One top-up scholarship is available to a domestic applicant in receipt of an RTPd awarded by UniSA.
Applicants should have completed an Honours or MSc degree and have a background in one or more of the following areas, microbiology, materials chemistry, organic chemistry, molecular biology, nanotechnology or related fields.


$5,000 per annum (3 year maximum) will be available as a top-up to a PhD stipend.


This top-up scholarship will remain available until awarded. There is no closing date for applications.
Please note that the closing date for RTPd scholarships is 31 October 2017.

Interested applicants should submit their CV, cover letter and academic transcript to Dr Martin Sweetman, Dr Sally Plush, Prof John Hayball and Prof Krasimir Vasilev