Next Generation Collaboration using AR and VR Technology

About this scholarship

The University of South Australia has a PhD scholarship available for students to conduct research into advanced collaborative systems using Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. The research will involve exploring how Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), advanced sensor technology and wearable computing can be used to develop new types of remote collaboration experiences.

A range of different topics will be explored in the PhD project. Some of the research will explore how speech and gestures can be shared to facilitate natural remote collaboration. For example, allowing a person in the real world to see virtual hands in front of them guiding them through a task. We will also be conducting research on how to measure the quality of collaboration between remote people, including using adapting existing experimental techniques from the research literature and also exploring how physiological cues could be used as an experimental measure. This will include measuring heart rate, GSR and other signals and trying to infer emotional state or stress level from them to assist in effective collaboration.
This PhD scholarship would be ideal for a student who has an interest in remote collaboration using advanced interface technologies including AR and VR systems.

The successful candidate will work with Professor Mark Billinghurst from the Empathic Computing Laboratory at the University of South Australia. See for more information about the research of the Empathic Computing Lab.

This scholarship is funded by the South Australian Government to support applied industry research by the University of South Australia in the area of collaborative computing.


The scholarship provides a living allowance of $30,000/annum for 3 years with the option to apply for a 6 month extension


The scholarship is open to domestic students: Australian and New Zealand citizens and Permanent Residents of Australia

The successful recipient should have the following interests and skills:

  • an interest in developing training systems
  • skills or an interest in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality
  • an interest in human computer interaction

How to Apply and Closing Date

The scholarship will remain open for applications until filled.

Applications and enquiries should be directed to Mark Billinghurst: or 08 8302 3747