5. Organise referee reports

We require at least one academic or professional referee report before we can assess your application. If you are applying for a competitive scholarship, it is strongly recommended that you obtain two referee reports to maximise your competitiveness.

These are specific forms that must be completed. Your nominated referees can download a copy of the Academic Referee Report (RTF file, 532kb) form.

Who can I ask to be a referee?

Your referees should be academic university staff members or professional staff that know you well enough to support your research degree application and may be any of the following:

  • A former lecturer
  • Course Coordinator/Program Director
  • Head of School/Department
  • Honours Supervisor
  • Masters (Coursework) Supervisor
  • Research Degree Supervisor
  • Examiner of your thesis
  • Employer (please note that your employer must be able to provide details about your research capabilities)

What are my responsibilities?

  • In your online application, you will need to provide details of your two nominated referees
  • Ask your academic referees to complete the Academic Referee Report (RTF file, 532kb) form and then they must submit it from their employment email account directly to research.referees@unisa.edu.au
  • Ask your referees to advise you that this has been done
  • Ensure your referee(s) are aware of any relevant scholarship closing dates (31 August for main international scholarships, 31 October for main domestic scholarships)
  • The referee reports are confidential so you will not be able to view the content or see them attached to your application

What are the referees' responsibilities?

Referees must:

  • Complete all sections of the report
  • Be able to attest to your research capabilities and your academic performance
  • Email the report directly from their official employment email account to research.referees@unisa.edu.au 
  • Submit the referee report by the scholarship closing date that you have given them, or as soon as possible if you are not applying for a scholarship 


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