Signal processing research wins Ian Davey prize

The 2014 University of South Australia Ian Davey Research Thesis Prize has been awarded to Dr Reza Arablouei, from the Institute for Telecommunications Research.

This prize recognises the most outstanding thesis by a PhD student at the University each year.

Reza’s research in the area of signal processing won him this year’s award, and we asked him a few questions about his PhD:


What was your PhD research project?

The main objective of my PhD research was to devise new adaptive estimation techniques with reduced complexity for diverse signal processing applications.

This can be applied to any signal processing problem involving adaptive estimation – some typical applications are in communications, econometrics, and control.


You’ve finished your PhD – tell us a little more about it…

During my PhD studies, I learned how to conduct high-quality academic research. My PhD and the experience coming with it will help me follow my passion for solving problems and discovering new knowledge by working as a researcher in academia or industry.

Performing theoretical analysis of the algorithms that I developed was usually very challenging. However, observing that the theoretical results matched the experimental ones well was very exciting and rewarding.

During my candidature, I published several journal and conference papers. My journal papers are listed on my homepage.


Any tips or advice to offer current PhD candidates?

Try to publish as much as you can.