ITR welcomes summer students

Five new internship and work experience students have recently commenced at the ITR.

MSc student Maryam Ehsani Banafti has travelled to Adelaide from Iran to do her internship. A student at the K N Toosi University of Technology Tehran, Maryam will spend four months working with Dr Ingmar Land on an ARC-funded project investigating distributed source coding.

Devesh Garg is from the Indian School of Mines in Dhanbad, India and is currently in his fourth year of an Integrated degree which combines a Bachelor degree with a Master’s degree.  He will be working with Dr Siu Wai Ho during his internship and will spend 11 weeks doing research on privacy protection for efficient free webmail.

Work experience student Peter Roush comes with a very good academic record from the University of Adelaide. He will spend three months with Professor Bill Cowley working on QB50, a project where a network of small satellites take measurements in the lower atmosphere. Peter has just completed the fourth year of double degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical & Electronic) and Bachelor of Economics.

Final year PhD student Jun Li has commenced a placement with supervisor Dr Siu Wai Ho, after receiving a Vacation High Achiever Scholarship. Jun Li recently won the University of South Australia ITEK Commercialisation Award for most outstanding project. His research topic is on visible light communications and location-based information transmission.

Adelaide University student Martin Nobis will spend eight weeks supervised by Dr Gottfried Lechner. He will be working on various configurations and protocols for wireless sensor networks. Martin has completed his 4th year of a double degree in Bachelor of Engineering (Telecommunications) and Bachelor of Finance.

Each year ITR offers internships to international students, and work experience to domestic students who wish to gain hands on experience in telecommunications research.

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