ITR Researchers Awarded Over $1M In Competitive Grants

ITR 2011 grant winners announced.

ITR researchers have been awarded a number of research grants for 2011. as follows:

  • Ingmar Land and Roy Timo: $320,000 discovery project, Compression of distributed data: bridging the gap between theory and practice - in collaboration with Sarah Johnson (Newcastle), Sergio Verdu (Princeton) and Gerhard Kramer (Munich).
  • Ingmar Land and Lars Rasmussen (KTH Sweden): Physical layer security techniques for multiuser wireless networks, a $300,000 project hosted at UNSW, in collaboration with Jinhong Yuan and Robert Malaney.
  • Khoa NguyenReliable transmission for wireless control - a $375,000 DECRA fellowship (one of only four at UniSA).
  • Mark McDonnell: Endeavour Award to visit the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada (April-December 2012), to work with Professor Lawrence Ward in the Psychophysics and Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory and Brain Research Centre.