Research Student Projects

  • In silico aided investigation of the anti-inflammatory properties of diterpenoids isolated from Dodonaea polyandra
  • Frailty and its influence on medicine use
  • Identifying medicines associated with hip fracture using administrative claims data
  • Generic medicines pricing policies in Australia
  • Indicators for medication related quality of care in Australian residential aged care
  • Discovery of antibacterial plant compounds for wound management
  • Application and optimization of wound care products and biomedical devices
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical Investigation of Acacia- and Santalum species
  • The Santalum spicatum Acacia ligulata relationship: a chemical ecology study
  • Medicine use in Australia and associated health outcomes
  • Roles of Pharmacists in Detection, Prevention and Treatment of Delirium in Elderly Patients
  • Assessment of the burden, types and development of comorbidities in the Australian population with cancer
  • Multimorbidity, polypharmacy and the identification of patients at high risk of adverse medicine events.
  • How do Governments manage uncertainty about pharmaceutical evidence while maintaining a transparent and rigorous decision-making process for public subsidy of pharmaceuticals?
  • Mining social media to identify potential signals of medication safety
  • Developing efficient causal discovery methods for automatic detection of adverse effects of medicine
  • Potential of structural modelling to support adverse event detection

Areas of study and research

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