Mental Health Podcasts

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About the Podcasts Series

The Mental Health Podcasts series is a joint Communities of Practice initiative between nurse leaders from SA Health and academics from the University of South Australia’s Mental Health and Suicide Prevention Research Group. It is designed to share fresh thinking in contemporary mental health practice and will involve hearing the voices of consumers, carers, practitioners and policy makers revealing what they think, feel, say and do to achieve best practice. New podcasts will be available approximately every two months.

You are invited to add comments and reflection on the Podcast episodes here after listening.

Podcast Episodes

Episode 12: Lived experience of Borderline Personality Disorder: Perspectives on emergency department care and peer support

In this episode, Mia, Jake and Karen talk with Mark about their experiences of care and peer support when dealing with crisis. The conversation offers many insights into preferred communication, care and support for people living with BPD. 

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Episode 11: A personal journey of discovery

Recovery is about finding what is meaningful and ‘what works for you’.  In this conversation, Helen shares aspects of her journey on inner work, spirituality and exploring choices.  

Listen to the episode [mp3, 24MB]

Episode 10: Recovery Practice

In this episode, Jane speaks with Ingrid, Adrian and Tom about recovery practice. This valuable conversation covers many key ideas about personal recovery and the support that clinicians can provide. 

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Episode 9: The Shared Voices Support Group

This podcast is focused on group design and facilitation. Mark speaks with Rob, who has worked with local consumers to establish Shared Voices. Rob shares his experience and passion for finding the wisdom that already exists in a group.

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Episode 8: Becoming a mental health nurse

In this podcast, Mark talks with Jasmine and Sarah about the transition of entering mental health nursing practice. Both speakers are recent graduates who are working with young people in an acute care service. This conversation also explores skills associated with engagement, trauma informed care, reflection and self-care.

 > Listen to the episode [mp3, 16.33MB]

Episode 7: Care across hospital and home

Andrew shares his perspective on what has helped him to establish his life at home after spending long periods in hospital care. He talks about the value of encouragement, voluntary work and engaging in treatment planning.

 > Listen to the episode [mp3, 10.2MB]

 Episode 6: Peer work in community rehabilitation

In this podcast we speak with Mark, who is a peer worker in the community rehabilitation area. Marks speaks about the importance of goal setting and motivation in recovery.

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Episode 5: The Strathalbyn & Communities Suicide Prevention Network

The last decade has seen the development of many local suicide prevention networks in rural Australia. In this episode, Mark speaks with Cliff about the Strathalbyn Suicide Prevention Network’s role and its educational work with the community. Cliff is a former chairperson of the Network and continues to lead community education and support initiatives. He offers many insights and key learning about this work. Further information about the role and resources of the Network can be found on its Facebook page.

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Episode 4: Carers’ Perspectives

The experience and perspective of primary carers is a key part of best practice mental health care. In this episode, Rhonda and Jane share their views on carer inclusion and how consumers, carers and clinicians can develop effective partnerships in care.

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Episode 3: Recovery, participation and care planning

In our third conversation Mark speaks with Shane, a consumer advocate and guest speaker within various mental health reform projects and activities. Shane shares his story about the key principles and practices that have supported his recovery journey. He also discusses the importance of care planning and highlights the benefits for consumers and health professionals.

> Listen to the episode [mp3, 17MB]

Episode 2: Peer specialist work in acute mental health care

This podcast episode features Geoff, who works as a peer specialist in acute care in a major mental health hospital in Adelaide. Geoff speaks about his own journey towards peer work, and how both his story and passion for arts has informed the recovery groups he runs with consumers.

> Listen to the episode [mp3, 18.4MB]

Episode 1: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy in Community Mental Health Nursing

Our first podcast features Lorraine Smitham, who practises as a Nurse Psychotherapist in Community Mental Health. Lorraine discusses her experience using Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and raises many important considerations for supporting consumers, including young people, in therapeutic work. She is joined by Professor Nicholas Procter and Dr Mark Loughhead.

> Listen to the episode [mp3, 19.9MB]

Get Involved in the Mental Health Podcasts Series

Would you like to tell the story of your mental health care experience or practice?

We are looking for both consumers and carers and practitioners and policymakers who are interested in telling the story of what they say, do, think and feel when they experience or deliver what they believe to be best practice in mental health care. The podcast will be heard by practitioners and policymakers interested in learning more about practice, as well as the next generation of mental health nursing students and interested consumers and carers.

What is involved?

Participation in the Mental Health Podcasts series is completely voluntary. Consumers, carers, practitioners and policymakers who choose to be involved will attend an interview with a member of the Mental Health Podcasts team at the University of South Australia or another neutral venue, with example questions provided in advance. The interview will be recorded and edited into a 15-20 minute podcast in collaboration with the interviewee and will become available online via the UniSA website.

If you would like to be involved in the Mental Health Podcasts series please write to us at Alternatively, telephone Dr Mark Loughhead on 08 8302 1267.

What are ‘Communities of Practice’?

Communities of Practice are groups of people who share a concern, a set of problems, or a passion about a topic, and who deepen their knowledge and expertise in this area by interacting on an ongoing basis. Communities of Practice often involve people that don’t necessarily work together every day, but meet because they find value in their interactions. As they spend time together, they typically share information, insight, and advice. They help each other solve problems; discuss their situations, their aspirations, and their needs; ponder common issues; explore ideas; and act as sounding boards. They may create tools, standards, and other documents, or they may simply develop a tacit understanding that they share with each other.

Community Members

The members of the Community working on the Mental Health Podcasts series are:

  • Dr Mark Loughhead, Lecturer: Lived Experience, UniSA (Facilitator)
  • Professor Nicholas Procter, Chair: Mental Health Nursing, UniSA
  • Jane Ellis, Consumer Consultant Mental Health Services, UnitingSA
  • Emma Willoughby, Consumer Consultant, South Australian Mental Health Commission
  • Ingrid Cother, Clinical Nurse, Eastern Team Tranmere
  • Jayne Sessions, Clinical Nurse, Central Adelaide Local Health Network