Current activities

Medical Entomology

Our medical entomology research includes mosquito and arbovirus surveillance programs funded by several local governments and the Adelaide and Mt Lofty Ranges Natural Resources Management Board. Other research in this area includes projects investigating mosquitoes and the viruses they carry.  A major outcome of this research is risk analysis of mosquito-borne disease for SA Health and the general public. For further information contact Craig Williams


This work includes various investigations into infectious disease epidemiology. Example projects include studies of dengue epidemiology in China (masters student Gina Mincham), investigating the impact of climate change on vector-borne diseases, and identifying determinants of Helicobacter pylori infection persistence (masters student Jill Congedi). For further information contact Craig Williams or Katherine Baldock

Human Health and Ecology

This work spans a range of studies into Invertebrate biodiversity and urban revegetation (masters student Shaun O’Sullivan), insects as natural habitats for food yeast, the importance of yeasts to insect behaviour and survival, and studies of native and invasive amphibians in a changing climate. For further information contact Craig Williams

Citizen Science and Urban Ecology

This research helps us to better understand the interactions between humans and the environment. These interactions include the creation of new environments by people, engaging citizens in the scientific process, and studies of how people interact with, and benefit from, their various environments. For further information contact Chris Daniels

Evolutionary and Environmental Biology

Based at the South Australian Museum, there is a range of studies that take an evolutionary approach to solving conservation problems and helping to understand the history of Life on Earth. These include Evolutionary studies of Australian Antarctic invertebrates and studies of animal populations in response to climatic change. For further information contact Mark Stevens



Masters by Research, School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences:

Shaun O’Sullivan

Masters by Research (Population Health Practice), School of Health Sciences:

Gina Mincham

Jill Congedi

Honours Environmental Science, School of Natural and Built Environments:

Christine Taylor