Body in Mind

Body in Mind

Affecting around one in five adults, chronic pain is estimated to cost Australia approximately $35 billion a year - a financial burden that is greater than cardiovascular disease and diabetes combined. From back pain to carpal tunnel, whiplash, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis, common initial causes of pain vary widely, but all share the potential to become chronic conditions that can severely compromise quality of life, productivity and physical and mental health. 

The Body in Mind research concentration is focussed on shedding light on how the brain responds and processes pain, and in turn developing non-pharmocological treatments to help the millions of people who suffer from chronic pain.

Led by clinical neuroscientist and physiotherapist Professor Lorimer Moseley, the group conducts fundamental behavioural research in humans to further their aim of developing better treatments and preventative strategies.

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Areas of research interest include:

  • Teaching people about pain
  •  Complex regional pain syndrome
  •  Early intervention after injury and its effect on later development of chronic pain
  •  Chronic back pain
  •  Descending control of homeostasis by cognitive factors
  •  Brain responses to noxious stimuli
  •  Cross modal modulation








Professor Lorimer Moseley - Research Leader
Dr Tasha Stanton - Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Brenton Hordacre - NHMRC Early Career Research Fellow
Dr Mark Catley - Lecturer
Tracy Jones - Administration Officer: Research
Angie Clerc-Hawke - Project Officer: Pain Revolution
Dr Carolyn Berryman - Honorary Academic: Post Doctorate Research Fellow
Dr Tory Madden - Honorary Academic: Post Doctorate Research Fellow
Dr Valeria Bellan - Post Doctorate Research Fellow

Hayley Leake - PhD Student
Dianne Wilson - PhD Student
Jane Bowering - PhD Student
Kerwin Talbot - PhD Student
Emma Karran - PhD Student
Felicity Braithwaite - PhD Student

Brian Pulling - Masters Student
Brendan Mouatt - Masters Student

Emma Fletcher - Honours Student
Rory Bray - Honours Student
Alex Dilena - Honours Student
Ern Ding - Honours Student
Kimberley Szeto - Honours Student
Naomi Shafnoon - Honours Student
Gavin Bell - Honours Student
James Brown - Honours Student
Clare Turnbull - Honours Student
Jessica Mariner - Honours Student
Anna Stankevicius - Honours Student

Contact details

The Body in Mind Group is situated in the Centenary Building at the University of South Australia's City East campus in Adelaide.

For more information about the group and its activities, please contact:

Tracy Jones, Administration Officer
Telephone: +61 8 830 22454
Fax: +61 8 830 22853