Podiatry Care


Estimating the budget impact of podiatry care for people with diabetes in South Australia. Work bundle 3. Prepared for Department for Health and Ageing, South Australia

The aim of this project was to estimate budget impacts for the South Australian health care system related to podiatric interventions for people with diabetes. A pathway of podiatric care was developed to compare usual care with best evidence practice podiatry care.

Increasing the effectiveness of best evidence practice podiatry care would result in increased net savings for the South Australian health care system. Funding two podiatric visits per year for intermediate-risk patients, and six podiatric visits per year for high-risk patients would:

  • Cost, on average, an additional $412 (approximately) per patient
  • Save, on average, approximately $562 per patient in downstream costs, i.e. less infection and less amputation
  • Result in health care net savings of, on average, $134 per patient (95% CI $128 - $154).