The Welcome Workshop

The Welcome Workshop is a community-led discussion about arrival, welcome and place-making to talk about:

  • What does it mean to feel welcome?
  • At what point does one feel welcome in a new place?
  • What contributes to feeling welcome?

The Welcome Workshop participants include community members, migrant and refugee organisations, school children, local council workers and artists.

The Welcome Workshop is the first in a series of events and conferences that will be delivered by the University of South Australia’s Hawke EU Centre for Mobilities, Migrations and Cultural Transformations throughout 2015-2017. The aim of The Welcome Workshop is to stimulate discussion and identify themes and content for subsequent events over the next three years.

The workshop saw the premiere of 'My Story My City', a public art collaboration for the Hawke EU Centre, by South Australian Artist Peter Drew and students from the Adelaide Secondary School of English, documenting their experiences of welcome and belonging.

Read more, view photo gallery, and view the 'My Story My City' video