Global connection generates commotion: Lloyd Cole brings unique sound installation to UniSA

It’s an overcast lunchtime and in one corner of UniSA’s Hawke EU Centre a musician is tinkering quietly with a box that resembles an Atari console with a pile of colourful spaghetti heaped on it.

But this is no ordinary box, it’s a wired-up sound installation, and the musician behind the tinkering is no less than luminary English singer and songwriter Lloyd Cole, who, a few hours prior to performing at a packed out gig in Adelaide, is sharing the secrets behind a special exhibition that he is staging at UniSA.

The sound installation is the centrepiece of the Identity vs Noise: 1Dn exhibition which is set to run at the Nexus Arts Gallery in Adelaide from January 25 to February 3, and which will incorporate real time participation from visitors at three other galleries in capital cities around the world.

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