‘How is Technology Changing Humanities Research?’ Masterclass by Dr Jennifer Edmond

The 'digital humanities' are growing rapidly to become what some feel will become the dominant methodology of the current generation of scholars, and what others interpret as a distraction, or indeed an outright threat, to humanistic traditions of knowledge creation. 

In the masterclass to be held on 9 August 2016 at City West campus, Dr Jennifer Edmond will introduce the basic definitions and approaches of digital humanities, including some of the real opportunities and threats the ‘digital turn’ in scholarship may pose.

Dr Jennifer Edmond is Director of Strategic Projects in the Faculty of Arts Humanities and Social Sciences at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland.  Her research encompasses new models for scholarly publishing in the digital age, collaboration models in the digital humanities, strategic considerations for archives in the digital world, and open learning in the ‘cosmopolitan’ internet.

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