Professor Riaz Hassan and his team of researchers publish Faith in the City Research Report

Life in the city is becoming increasingly precarious and uncertain, especially for young people – its future residents. In cities, they encounter conditions that are historically unique in their precariousness and more than ever in a state of flux due to globalisation.

The Hawke-EU Centre study ‘Faith in the City’ was formulated to explore such life in the city, as experienced by young people today. The study was an appendage of a larger project of the same name funded by the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding (MnM Centre) at the University of South Australia. That project was an initiative of the Centre’s former director and involved a team of global researchers. The intention of this research output was to enhance bilateral ties between the EU and Australia on the topics of the current conditions of city living, including poverty, young people, and faith in social welfare.

Professor Riaz Hassan, Director of the International Centre for Muslim and non-Muslim Understanding and his research team, including Ms Emily Collins and Dr Laurence Lester have recently published their findings from the Faith in the City research project.

Download report HERE.