Our people

Researchers at the Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics primarily have theoretical and applied mathematics backgrounds and come from UniSA STEM as well as from other areas within the University of South Australia.


Professor John Boland
Renewable energy, forecasting, heat transfer, water, ecological footprint

Deputy Director

A/Professor Peter Pudney
Optimal control, scheduling, transport, renewable energy

Academic Staff

Dr Jorge Aarao
Partial differential equations, probabilistic methods in analysis 

Dr Amie Albrecht
Energy-efficient transport, scheduling, operations research 

Dr Timofei Bogomolov

A/Professor Regina Burachik
Optimisation, analysis 

Dr Gerald Cheang
Finance, stochastic processes, asset pricing, non-parametric estimation, model selection 

Dr Belinda Chiera
High-dimensional communications networks, detecting hidden terrorist cells, environmental modelling 

Dr Nick Fewster-Young

Professor Jim Hill

A/Professor Yalcin Kaya
Optimisation, control, numerical methods 

Dr Malgorzata Korolkiewicz
Finance, risk, environmental modelling 

A/Professor Anatoli Torokhti
Modelling, analysis, data processing, differential and integral equations 

A/Professor Lesley Ward
Complex analysis, harmonic analysis, internet search algorithms, industrial mathematics 

Dr Kevin White
Operations research, scheduling

Research Staff

Dr Geetika Verma

Dr Xuan Vu

Dr Peng Zhou

Adjunct Staff

Emeritus Professor Phil Howlett
Optimal control, water cycle management, optimisation, applied analysis

A/Professor John van der Hoek
Finance, risk

PhD students

James Abbott

Erika Belchamber

Elizabeth Bradford

Ajini Galapitage

Hansani Kaushalya

Charles Ling

Stephanie Mills

Trang Nguyen

Joe O'Leary

Mina Rouhollahi