About us

About us

Mathematics is an enabling discipline that underpins science, engineering and technology. The Centre for Industrial and Applied Mathematics brings together UniSA researchers in pure and applied mathematics to develop mathematics and to apply mathematics to important problems.

Our mission is to:

  • discover, understand and interpret natural phenomena
  • apply mathematics to important industrial and social problems
  • advance mathematics and its applications
  • develop new research strengths in mathematics and statistics
  • train the next generation of mathematical scientists.

Our focus

Our research and industrial collaboration is focussed in the following areas:

  • modelling of chemical and physical phenomena and processes, including fluid flows, electrokinetics and reaction-diffusion
  • finance, risk and stochastic modelling, including environmental modelling
  • scheduling and control, applied optimisation and operations research
  • mathematical analysis, including theoretical and numerical optimisation, optimal control, singular perturbation analysis, complex analysis, harmonic analysis, and signal and image processing.

You can find out more by browsing our research projects or publications pages, or you can also contact us.