Sleep & Chronobiology

The Sleep and Chronobiology Laboratory is working to extend our understanding and perception of human performance, sleep, fatigue and behaviour.

We demonstrate and promote the importance of sleep through studies conducted in our new, world-class sleep and chronobiology laboratory, across all phases of development from fetal health through to late life. Humans sleep for approximately one-third of life, yet sleep is frequently absent from discussions about physical and psychological healthcare. We contribute to the evidence-base, and champion “life’s forgotten third” on health and safety agendas. Methods include psychophysiological measures such as electroencephalograph (EEG), circadian markers such as salivary and plasma melatonin and cortisol, cardio-metabolic indicators including blood glucose and insulin levels and performance measures such as cognitive and behavioural tests.

We continue to build on our success and expand our profile domestically and internationally. We achieve this by continuing to undertake research with important real-life applications, and through public education, training and industry consultation aimed at improving the world around us.

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