BHI Research Projects TREV

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UniSA staff and students have designed and built Trev, a practical low-mass commuter car that runs entirely on non-polluting, renewable energy.  

Trev's features include:

  • two comfortable seats, since more than 90% of urban trips have only one or two people in the car
  •  enough luggage space for at least two overnight bags
  • 350 kg mass - because using a 2.5 tonne vehicle for commuting is ridiculous
  •  energy-efficient tyres, brakes and suspension
  • a clean, quiet and efficient electric drive system
  • compliance with road safety and worthiness regulations
  • good performance, with a top speed of 120 km/h
  •  over 200 km of city driving before the car must be recharged.  

Trev participated in the 2010 Zero Race, travelling over 28,000 kilometres through 17 countries (including a stopover at the Word Climate Change Conference in Cancun, Mexico) to complete the drive around the world in 80 days of driving, with an energy cost of just $400.

For further information, please visit; and Zero Race.