iGrid - The intelligent grid cluster

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The Intelligent Grid Cluster was formed with a key focus on collaboration with key researchers within Australia to improve the energy grid. A key focus of the Adelaide project is evaluating and monitoring energy use in a state-of-the-art sustainable housing development.

BHI Research Projects iGridAs part of the iGrid project titled 'The Intelligent Grid in a New Housing Development' the institute is monitoring residential energy, water and greenhouse gas usage for Lochiel Park. The Institute's involvement began with assisting the selection of suitable intelligent meters, sensors and an in-home display, which has an intelligent load shedding feature. Our current role is to assist installing and commissioning / testing the various components, and to collect and analyse the measured data. Where applicable, the overall measured energy usage, as well as that for individual appliances data is compared with that of a group of houses within the Mawson Lakes housing development.

Project Funding

This project is funded by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industry Research Organisation (CSIRO) as a collaborative research project for three years (2008-2011)

For further information please visit the iGrid website or contact Wasim Saman or David Whaley.