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Higgins, D.J., Adams, R.M., Bromfield,L.M, Richardson, N., & Aldana, M.S. (2005) National Audit of Australian Child Protection Research 1995-2004 (pdf 2.3Mb) ISBN: 0 642 39533 0


The Australian Centre for Child Protection conducted an action-research evaluation of the Mental Health Liaison Project (MHLP) at Families SA (formerly Children, Youth and Family Services, CYFS), Aberfoyle Park District Centre during 2006. The evaluation examined the views of workers, supervisors, managers and parents about what worked well, and what could be done differently, when including a mental health worker with child protection services. Using action research methods the information and recommendations from the first stage of the evaluation were used to inform and enhance the practice of the MHLP.

Mental Health Liaison Project Final Report (pdf, 490KB).

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