Our Research Labs

Data Analytics Group

Professor Jiuyong Li
With primary research interests in extracting actionable information from complicated data to assist decision making and automation our research topics include data mining, predictive modelling, data management and multimedia information systems.  Applications focus on knowledge discovery in biology and health data, and sensor and spatio-temporal data.

Knowledge and Software Engineering Lab

Professor Markus Stumptner
Encompasses high level descriptions of programming and problem solving tasks, with the goal of more effective and less maintenance effective software development for specific domains.

Strategic Information Management Lab

Professor Andy Koronios
Information is intricate and its management may be elusive, as the quality aspects of information are often ignored. Information management is not solely a management activity, but also a strategic one delivering a competitive advantage. SIM Lab at UniSA conducts cutting edge research in the area of strategic information management. 

Wearable Computer Lab

Professor Bruce Thomas and Professor Mark Billinghurst
The Wearable Computer Lab conducts world class research in a variety of fields, including augmented reality, wearable computing, 3D Computer Graphics, and human/computer interfaces. 

Computational and Theoretical Neuroscience

Associate Professor Mark McDonnell
The lab collaborates with neuroscientists to advance knowledge about how the brain and nervous system processes information, and applies this knowledge to develop new bio-inspired electronic systems and algorithms.

Cognitive Neuro-engineering Lab

Professor Nanda Nandagopal
This lab was established in 2011 with the objective of facilitating PhD students to undertake research in Cognitive Neuro-Engineering. The students are now undertaking a broad array of research in engineering applications to cognitive problems using EEG and related measures.