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Recent activities of CTNL people

August 2016: Dr Daniel Padilla receives his PhD!

March 2016A/Prof. Mark McDonnell met up with Prof. Fabing Duan and his PhD students, from Qingdao University, China, in Beijing.

November 2015Congratulations to PhD student, Demi Gao, who was just announced as the recipient of  the Women in Engineering prize in the IEEE Australia Council Postgraduate Student Paper Awards (2014), for her paper "Modelling the influence of Insertion Depth on Electrode Place Discrimination in Cochlear Implants."

August 2015Mark McDonnell and PhD students Brett Schmerl, Migel Tissera and Philip Crouch attend and present at the 2015 Neuroeng meeting in Queenstown, New Zealand.

June 2015PhD student Demi Gao visits and delivers seminars at Cochlear Ltd in Belgium, Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience, in Munich, TUM in Munich and University of Warwick, UK.

March 2015Congratulations to CNTL PhD students Daniel Padilla and Siyi Wang for submitting their PhD theses!

July 2014Mark McDonnell published an article in The Conversation entitled: "To understand the brain you need electronic engineers too."

May 2014Mark McDonnell is Guest Editor of the May 2014 issue of the Proceedings of the IEEE (Vol. 102, No. 5): a special issue on Engineering Intelligent Electronic Systems Based on Computational Neuroscience.

October 2013: Even more congratulations to PhD student, Xiao "Demi" Gao for winning through the semi-final round at the national Three Minute Thesis finals, and making it to the Grand Final (top 8). See here for a UniSA News story (scroll to the end).

September 2013: More congratulations to PhD student, Xiao "Demi" Gao for winning the UNISA finals of the Three Minute Thesis Competition, and receiving entry into the 2013 NATIONAL finals of the competition. See here for a press release and here for a UniSA News story.

August 2013: The work of Dr Tony Vladusich received media attention in the form of this ABC Science online article: "Shades of grey help brain sense surfaces"

August 2013: Congratulations to PhD student, Xiao "Demi" Gao for winning the ITR Three Minute Thesis Competition, and receiving entry into the 2013 UniSA finals of the competition.

July 2013: PhD student Xiao "Demi" Gao presented at the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Congress in Osaka, Japan:


March 2013: CTNL Journal Club has commenced for 2013: See Journal Club Page

September 2012: Dr Mark McDonnell and two PhD students, Daniel Padilla and Brett Schmerl, attended the 2012 Neural Coding conference in Prague, Czech Republic, and the 2012 Bernstein Conference in Munich, Germany:

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