About the ACRC

Our Directors

Professor Markus Stumptner: Director

Director of the ACRC and also Program Lead for Data Storage & Management in the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre, my research area sits at the junction of different computing disciplines across software engineering (metamodelling), data and process management, and Artificial Intelligence.

The underlying goal is to develop high efficiency methods for modelling and constructing software systems for solving real world problems, typically from an industrial and organisational background. 

The main focus of my recent work is in the areas of interoperability, integration, complex event processing, software system evolution and debugging, and emergent semantics. Typical application areas involve the autonomous enterprise, future aware business processes, asset management/plant operations, design and product configuration, as well as health and bioinformatics.

Professor Bruce Thomas: Deputy Director

Professor Thomas is the Deputy Director of the ACRC and Director of the Wearable Computer Lab.  He is nationally and internationally recognised for his contributions to the scientific community and to industry in the areas of Wearable Computers, Tabletop Interactions, Augmented Reality and User Interaction. 

Our Centre

As one of the largest Research Centres at UniSA, the ACRC is home to a network of dedicated and highly esteemed researchers, staff, Research Degree students and Alumni. 

With more than 30 members and 70 PhD students working on cutting edge research across intelligent software engineering, visualisation and augmented reality, health informatics, security and information assurance, data analytics and business intelligence, our research interests are diverse yet complementary.