Key Projects

The Australian Centre for Asian Business encourages and supports innovative, high-quality research into Asian business structures and processes amongst our academic community. Current research projects supported by and affiliated with the Centre include:

Employment Relations, Human Resource Management and Labour Markets

Acculturation Among Ethnic Minority Youth in Mainland China
Prof. Peter Chen, Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB), and Dr. Yiqiong Li (Management)

Recruitment and Selection Practices in Australia
Dr Mary Bambacas, Prof. Peter Chen,  Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Mary Tye (Hoban)

The Role of Tourism in Transforming Rural China: A Focus on Employment
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Dr. Sam Huang (Management)

Labour Market Segmentation and Social Inequality in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB), Prof. John Benson (Management) and Prof. Michael Webber (University of Melbourne)

The Development and Enforcement of Labour Law in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB), A/Prof. Sean Cooney and A/Prof. Sarah Biddulph (University of Melbourne)

International Trade and Labour Standards in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB), A/Prof. Sean Cooney and A/Prof. Sarah Biddulph (University of Melbourne)

The Situation of Migrant Workers in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB)

Production Safety and Workers' Protection in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Prof. Peter Chen

Confronting Skill Shortages through Policy Changes in Japan
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Prof. John Benson (Management)

Skill Shortage and University Graduates in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Ms. Shuang Ren (University of Melbourne)

Managers' Training in China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Prof. Malcolm Warner (Judge Business School, University of Cambridge)

International Trade, Finance and Investment (ITFI)

Dimensions of Financial Integration for Asia
Dr. Tony Cavoli (Commerce), Dr. Ron McIver (Commerce), Dr. John Nowland (City University of Hong Kong), and Mrs. Vandana Arya (Commerce).

Determinants of Inflation in Vietnam
Dr. Tony Cavoli (Commerce), Mr. Huu Minh Nguyen (Commerce), and Dr. John K. Wilson (Commerce)

Central Bank Independence, Institutional Quality and Policymakers: Asia and Beyond
Dr. Tony Cavoli (Commerce), and Dr. John K. Wilson (Commerce)

Composition of Capital Flows in Asia
Dr. Tony Cavoli (Commerce), and Prof. Ramkishen S. Rajan (George Mason University)

Foreign Direct Investment and Multinational Enterprises (FDI & MNEs)

The Internationalization of Chinese SMEs and Born Global Firms within the ASEAN
Dr. Hussain RammalDr. Tatiana Zalan, Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB), and Yuzhu Wang (CASS-Beijing)

Internationalization of Indian Firms: Applying the Gandhi Philosophy
Dr. Hussain Rammal and Dr. Tatiana Zalan

CSR Strategy and Firm Performance
Dr. Tatiana Zalan and Prof. Fuming Jiang (Curtin Business School)

The Effect of Government Alternative Policies on the Ethicality of Business Decisions in China
Dr. Kesten C Green, Dr. Song Yang, and Prof. Fuming Jiang (Curtin Business School)

Using Balanced Scorecard to Increase the Success Rate of Innovation Alliances: A Comparative Study in Australia and China
Dr. Paul Shum (Commerce), Prof. Fuming Jiang (Curtin Business School), and Dr. Steven Lui (University of New South Wales)

Comparison of Protection of Commercial Secrets and Undisclosed Information in China and Australia - the Commercial Secret or the Dragon Secret
Dr. Sally Xiong (Law)

Chinese Born Global Firms: The Internationalisation of Chinese SMEs within the ASEAN Region
Dr. Hussain Rammal, Dr. Tatiana Zalan and Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB)

Globalisation and Asian Capitalism (GAC)

Influence of National Culture on Customer's Cross Buying Intentions in Asian Banking Services: Evidence from Korea and Taiwan
A/Prof. You-il Lee

Economic Clustering in Northeast Asia (China, Japan and Korea): Strategic Implications for Australia
A/Prof. You-Il Lee, Prof John Benson (Management) and Prof Ying Zhu (ACAB)

The Impact of Foreign Multinational Corporations in South Korea: Evolution, Dynamics and Contradictions
(Under authored book publication contract with Edward Elgar Publishing)
A/Prof. You-Il Lee

The Impact of Economic Nationalism and Market Globalisation on Consumer Behaviour
A/Prof. You-Il Lee, Dr. Richard Lee (Marketing) and Dr. Kyungtae Lee (Marketing)

Globalisation of Chinese Business Enterprises: A Focus on Africa
Dr. Gido Mapunda, (Management) Dr. Tony O'Malley (Management), Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Prof. John Benson (Management)

Cross Cultural Management (CCM)

Shanghai DBA Publications: 'Market Orientation in the Shanghai Automotive Industry and its relationship with business performance' and 'Causes and channel of conflict in the Chinese telecommunication Industry under Conditions of Rapid Expansion'
Dr. Leonie Hallo

Managing Foreign Acquisitions: Exploring the Influence of Administrative Heritage
Dr. Hussain Rammal and Dr. Tatiana Zalan

Asian Consumers' Perceptions and Evaluations of Sustainable Management Practices in the Australian Green Accommodation Sector
Dr. Aise Kim (Management)

International Marketing and Management (IMM)

The Influence of Ethnic Food Experience on Country Perceptions and Tourism
Dr. Aise Kim (Management)

The Tourism Destination: Chinese Experience and Planning (Book Publication)
Dr. Sam Huang (Management)

A Social Distinctiveness Perspective of Brand Preference Among Migrants
Dr. Richard Lee (Marketing) and Prof. Larry Lockshin (Marketing)

I Don't Like You, But I Like Your Products: The Conflicting Relationships Among Consumer Animosity, Materialism and Ethnocentrism
Dr. Kyungtae Lee (Marketing) and Dr. Richard Lee (Marketing)

Non-conscious Influence of Colour on Brand Choice in the Asian Context
Dr. Svetlana Bogomolova

International Accounting Regulation, Valuation and Assurance (IARVA)

Development of Valuation Standards in South East Asia: The Current State of Play
Dr. Sharon Yam (Commerce) and Prof. David Parker (Commerce)

Full Cost Accounting as a Tool for Sustainable Development in Solid Waste Management: A Case Study for the Kuching Municipality, Malaysia
Dr. Mei Lim (Commerce)

The Carbonomics of the Agricultural vs. Industrial Growth Paradox: A Comparison between Bangladesh and Japan
Prof. Janek Ratnatunga (Commerce) and Dr. Wahid Murad (Commerce)

Cost of Carbon Regularity Compliance: A Comparison of How it will Affect Various Industries, Sectors and Countries
Ms. Dina Wahyuni (Commerce) and Prof. David Round (Commerce)

Is Risk Management in Pricing improved with the Adoption of IAS 32 and 39? - A Study in the Indonesian Commercial Banks
Dr. Elvia Shauki (Commerce)

Innovation and Sustainability (I&S)

Sustain Raukkan Community; From Research to Practice
Prof. Peter Chen, Dr. David Ness (Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment) Prof. Ying ZhuDr Robert van der Veen (ACAB), Dr Freya Higgins Desbiolles (SOM), Sydney Sparrow, and Ronald Nicholls (Unaipon School)

Cultural Entrepreneurship in India; New Venture Formation, Opportunity Recognition
 Dr Deepak Sardana and Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB)

Transforming the competitiveness, livelihoods and sustainability of small regional communities in Australia and China
Prof. Ying Zhu (ACAB) and Dr. David Ness (Division of Information Technology, Engineering and the Environment)