14 September 2021

The chaotic United States withdrawal from Afghanistan and overnight seizure of power by the Taliban, with minimal resistance, has left the world wondering whether the costly two-decade war was worth it.

Amid the recriminations, bloodshed and fears for what the Taliban’s rule will bring, questions are already being raised about the lessons learned and how history will judge the US.

In this video, UniSA lecturer in global politics, Dr Daniel Biro, discusses the risks of US allies being slower to commit to future campaigns, given the nature of the withdrawal and lack of consultation, not to mention the substantial economic costs, lives lost and the failure to create a new democratic nation.

“Unfortunately, the costs of not intervening in future could be more dangerous. International politics abhors vacuums. So, if we are not there, somebody else will take our place and chances are the outcome could be far worse,” Dr Biro says.


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