12 November 2019

MatchSAPOL.pngUniversity of South Australia’s Match Studio is working closely with the South Australian Police (SAPOL) to develop a media campaign to address the social challenges associated with driver distraction and driver fatigue.

Of all fatal road accidents in Australia today, at least 20-30 per cent are due to driver fatigue.

Research published by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau shows that drivers who have been awake for 17 hours or more are at the same level of risk of crashing as those with a 0.05 blood alcohol level.

To address this issue and raise awareness of driver safety, SAPOL has briefed 19 teams of UniSA final year communication design students to create original social media campaigns that will be further developed and used throughout the state in the coming year.

One campaign will be selected and developed.

The 19 teams presented their campaigns to representatives of SAPOL and UniSA academic teaching staff on Wednesday November 6.

Four teams from the original 19 were selected to present their concepts on campus on Wednesday 13 November to the Minister for Police, Emergency Services and Correctional Services, Cory Wingard.

The four team campaigns are:

Unteach the Reach: A multimedia campaign designed to target a driver’s physical response of reaching for their mobile phone when receiving notifications, by highlighting the reckless nature of distracted driving. Students: Sophie Horvat, Lulu Hardy, Hannah Brooks, Winnie Packer

Pulling a Ghosty: The term ‘pulling a ghosty’ is commonly associated with sneaking away from a social event without anyone knowing. Using humour and familiarity with the slang term, the student team created an advert to target young adult males driving dangerously in regional areas. Students: Bella Ventrice, Anna Emery, Chloe Morgan

Dozed Drivers: A campaign focused on communicating the dangers of driving fatigued to football players, supporters, attendees and workers at regional South Australian football games and clubs. Students: Joseph Antoniades, Jarrod Petit, Philip Newland, Luke Bray

Expiration Notice: Listed within mock parking fines that are placed on parked car windshields to initially shock and capture the attention of drivers, the campaign highlights the dangers associated with mobile phone usage behind the wheel. Students: Liam Fiddick, Mike Williams, Jayden Turner, Chloe De Gennaro

UniSA’s Match Studio Director, Dr Jane Andrew says students benefit enormously by working on real-world projects for clients whilst still at university.

"I always find it great to see the creative bright sparks – our students start to really connect with the topic they have been given to communicate,” Dr Andrew says.

“As the project progresses you really see the lights go on. They are learning to ‘design in the third person’ - to design not just for themselves or their teachers, but to design solutions to the client’s problem and the people with whom the client is seeking to engage.”

Project lecturer, Dr Doreen Donovan (Senior Lecturer, Communication Design) says the project is a great exemplar of local talent.

"It showcases creative interpretations by young people for safe driving and highlights the creative talent in South Australia,” Dr Donovan says.

Superintendent Bob Gray, Officer in Charge Traffic Services Branch says the project gets students thinking about road safety.

“This partnership with UniSA have given SAPOL a unique opportunity to engage with students and get them thinking about road safety and the issues of Fatal Five offending,” Superintendent Gray says.

“The quality of work is of a high standard and the experience is an extremely positive one.

“Not only have the students developed creative ways to spread awareness on distracted and fatigued driving when developing their campaigns, they have also educated themselves on the dangers.”

SAPOL members will form part of the judging panel that decides the overall winning teams during the final presentation session with Minister Wingard.

Final presentation details:

Date: Wednesday 13 November 2019

Time: 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: The Crease, UniSA's new creative research environment, School of Art, Architecture & Design, Kaurna Building, City West Campus, North Terrace, Adelaide


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email: Miranda.Hurren@unisa.edu.au

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