26 July 2016

Managing Director of Kain Lawyers, John KainLeading law firm, Kain Lawyers, has signed up to become a Sponsor of the University of South Australia’s (UniSA) Centre for Business Growth (CBG), to provide executives in the Centre’s programs with the legal insight and knowledge essential to successful business growth. 

UniSA’s ANZ Chair in Business Growth and Director of the CBG, Dr Jana Matthews, says every CEO/MD and executive needs to understand the legal context within which their company operates in order to lead, manage and accelerate their company’s growth. 

“This new sponsorship with Kain Lawyers is extremely important because it means we can expand the comprehensive framework of knowledge we provide in our business growth programs, and better prepare CEOs/MDs and executives for business success,” Dr Matthews says. 

“At the CBG we want to develop sponsorships with organisations that align with our mission, and in the case of Kain Lawyers, we’re excited to be working with a company that is equally committed to growing businesses in South Australia. 

“Kain Lawyers’ involvement in our world-class programs means that CEOs and executives will better understand the legal context within which their companies must operate and the legal implications of decisions they make as they grow the company. 

“Bad legal decisions and inadequate legal protection have financial, operational and organisational consequences. Company growth can be stunted and that can lead to decline. Good legal decisions and protection support growth and increase the probability that companies will be able to compete successfully in the global marketplace.” 

Since launching in 2014, the CBG has worked with more than 150 Australian companies to unlock their growth potential. Its pilot program enabled 10 ANZ Bank business customers to increase aggregate profits by 24 per cent, revenue by 29% while creating more than 100 jobs. 

And for Kain Lawyers’ founder and Managing Director, John Kain, there is nothing like firsthand experience to prove the value of the CBG programs. 

“Our company has gone through the Growth Clinic and is currently enrolled in the Growth Modules, so we know from personal experience and from our clients’ feedback, just how transformational these programs can be,” Kain says. 

“Our own focus at Kain Lawyers is on creating opportunities for growing companies by giving them certainty of legal and commercial outcomes, so our sponsorship dovetails perfectly with the aims of CBG. 

“In addition, our experience and specialist knowledge of complex business issues, transactions and dispute resolution allows us to help dynamic and innovative companies deal with the growth challenges they face with much greater confidence. 

“We believe this sponsorship represents a real win for everyone. 

“By working together we can deepen and broaden the content of the programs being delivered and help more South Australian companies to grow; give enrolled companies access to unique offers from Kain Lawyers’ specialist advisers, and call on Dr Matthews to run sessions tailored specifically to our clients.” 

About the Centre for Business Growth                                                                                               

The Centre for Business Growth at the University of South Australia delivers world-class business growth programs that provide executives with the knowledge and skills they need to develop as leaders, accelerate company growth and compete in a global marketplace. Our programs teach executives how to lead and manage growth via diagnostics, expert presentations, facilitated group discussions, peer-to-peer learning and action planning.

About Kain Lawyers

Kain Lawyers is an innovative legal consulting company specialising in complex transactions, disputes and advice.  We create opportunities for clients by delivering agreed outcomes, on time and on budget – without disrupting their business. 

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