02 June 2016

Doctor holding a blackboard with the word 'Diabetes' on itA panel of local experts researching aspects of one of the fastest growing medical conditions globally – diabetes - will be dinner guests at the South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute this month.

The dinner focussing on living with diabetes is an evening event on June 9 from 6pm to 9pm and will feature some of the most up to the minute research on treatments and therapies to treat and prevent diabetes.

UniSA researcher and panellist Professor Allison Cowin says diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic conditions in Australia; with rates increasing faster than other chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer.

“Diabetes is a daunting problem for Australia and we expect that it will soon become one of the biggest human health issues globally,” Prof Cowin says. 

“One of the complications of diabetes is foot ulcers which are difficult to heal, prone to infection and are a leading cause of non-trauma-related amputations of lower limbs.

“Through our research we’ve developed a better understanding of the factors that influence wound development and healing.

“We’ve identified that the cytoskeletal protein Flii, also known as Flightless I, can delay and prevent the healing process.

“We are developing a human therapeutic antibody which blocks Flii, helping wounds to heal.”

Prof Cowin says the opportunity to explain the advancements and the potential of her research is important.

“I think research can appear to be complicated and too far removed from real life so this dinner gives me the chance to explain both the specifics and the important potential our work has for a range of conditions including diabetes,” she says.

“We are studying areas that will touch everyday people in their everyday lives and I’m working with teams of very talented researchers right here in South Australia.”

The dinner will also include presentations from Professor Toby Coates, Lauren Botting and Professor Chris Proud.

Tickets for the dinner at the SAHMRI Auditorium are $35, which includes a sit down tapas style meal suitable for diabetics.

Bookings can be made online at www.trybooking.com/178925

Media contact: Michèle Nardelli mobile: +61 418 823 673 email: michele.nardelli@unisa.edu.au

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