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Mentoring Scheme

The Division of Health Sciences mentoring scheme matches up PhD candidates (mentees) with research staff (mentors). The scheme was commenced to offer candidates the opportunity to stop, reflect and discuss their candidature and where they want their PhD to take them - to consider what the options might be for the future and how to pursue different pathways, as well as having a sounding board for their current experiences. This is a voluntary scheme and is open to anyone at any stage of their PhD. 

What are the benefits?

The opportunity to get a different perspective on PhD-related matters from someone other than your supervisory team; often that distance can result in alternative suggestions and solutions. Your mentor is an 'interested supporter' rather than a contributor to your PhD supervision. This relationship would be non-judgmental in nature, confidential and all mentors are trained so that they are prepared to support you. 

Mentee Feedback from the Mentoring Scheme 

"Having someone outside (my) supervisory team to talk to about my strengths, weaknesses/ fears and where I see myself post PhD. This gave me a chance to assess what was working and not working regarding my PhD and what I could do to make the best of this experience."

"I see it mainly as a way to get info about how the PhD fits into a career and life in general. I have no need to ‘vent’ to anyone about my PhD ‘troubles’ but chatting to people who have navigated post-PhD life is useful."

"I found the experience very useful, we discussed a number of topics and came up with goals to work towards. We worked out a lot of concerns I had at the time, and I’ve been using that structure to have conversations with other mentors in my life."

What to expect

The time commitment is to meet up for an informal chat from 1 to 3 times over a year (coffee expenses are covered by the Division).

The mentors/mentees will be matched up by the Division Research Office to ensure they are NOT in the same field of study.

Who are the mentors?

The Division of Health Sciences has specifically trained researchers and information about our PhD mentors can be found below.

How can you get involved?

Please send us an email to register your interest to HSC-HealthResearch@unisa.edu.au