Bachelor of Human Movement

Meet Kirsty Welsh

UniSA Human Movement graduate, Health & Wellness Coach, Conscious Movement


As a self-employed holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Kirsty keeps a jam-packed schedule. A typical day could involve presenting health and wellness advice to high school students, interacting with a client at a personal training session, holding Yoga sessions around Adelaide, and writing an article for The Advertiser’s Body+Soul lift out.

Kirsty loves how the Human Movement degree provided her with deep knowledge and credibility in the health industry, as well as the flexibility to discover what she was truly passionate about.

“I feel that my university qualification has always been a huge advantage, giving me a ‘leading edge’. I am more widely respected by both potential clients and employers for my heightened knowledge and commitment.”

Kirsty’s career highlights are inspiring and showcase the diversity of career outcomes open to Human Movement graduates.  

“I am truly grateful to have had a few particular standout opportunities thus far; working on Channel 9’s BIG: Extreme Makeover 2011, training celebrity Mel B, and working with Body+Soul across a number of years.”

Kristy Welsh



The Human Movement degree is a perfect spring board to kick-start any career in the ever-expanding health industry."


Kirsty loved the hands-on approach Human Movement study offered at UniSA.

“I think we all need to experience by doing and feeling in order to properly understand and apply concepts with a certain depth of knowledge. The incredible facilities at UniSA certainly allowed for some juicy lab-based sessions.”

Deciding what subjects to choose was an organic process for Kirsty.

“During 2nd year Human Movement, I also studied Certificate 4 in Fitness and found a passion to be part of the ‘preventative health’ movement rather than focusing on ‘fixing people. From here, the choices were easy and I focused on choosing physiology subjects to align with my career goals.”

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Pathway to teaching

Soccer training

"I love working with young adolescents, sport/physical activity and seeing students active. The joy and energy that comes with sport is exhilarating."

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Add to your career opportunities by undertaking postgraduate study. Our Human Movement degrees offer pathways to multiple postgraduate qualifications including physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and teaching.

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