Research groups

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Staff contact details

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Associate Professor Shylie Mackintosh
Head of School

Ms Terri Matthews 
PA to Head of School

Associate Professor Katherine Baldock 
Associate Head of School: Academic

Associate Professor Marie Williams
Associate Head of School: Research

Ms Raewyn Todd
School Manager

Ms Ashlee Munro
Industry Liaison Officer

Mr Mark Reidy
Coordinator: Invictus Pathways Program

Academic Staff

Master of Research Degrees

Dr Catherine Paquet, Program Director: Master of Research Degrees

Clinical Exercise Physiology

Common Courses

Health Sciences

Human Movement & Exercise Sport Science

Mr Scott Adams, Program Director: Bachelor of Human Movement, Bachelor of Health Science (Nutrition and Exercise) UniSA Online

Dr Alyson Crozier, Program Director: Exercise and Sport Science

Professor Jon Buckley, Professor (SIHR HLS) and Director: Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA)

Professor Kevin Norton, Professor (SIHR HLS)

Professor Timothy Olds, Professor (SIHR HLS)

Associate Professor Jim Dollman, Associate Professor SIHR HLS

Associate Professor Alison Coates, Associate Professor (SIHR HLS)

Dr John Arnold, Lecturer: Exercise Science

Dr Clint Bellenger, Lecturer in Human Movement, Exercise and Sport Science

Mr Hunter Bennett, Lecturer in Exercise Science

Dr Graeme Carrick-Ranson, Senior Lecturer in Exercise and Sport Science

Dr Maarten Immink, Senior Lecturer: Human Movement

Dr Robert Crowther, Senior Lecturer: Human Movement

Mr Patrick Faulkner, Lecturer: Human Movement

Dr Max Nelson, Lecturer: Exercise Science

Dr Carmel Nottle, Lecturer in Human Movement (Growth and Motor Development)

Dr Grant van der Ploeg, Exercise Scientist: Applied Sport Science 

Dr Tom Wycherley, Lecturer: Exercise Science 

Mr Scott Polley, Senior Lecturer: Human Movement 

Dr Samuel Chalmers, Lecturer in Human Movement

Medical Radiation U/G

Medical Sonography PG

Occupational Therapy

Dr Angela Berndt, Program Director: Occupational Therapy

Dr Ali Aguilar, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Amy Baker, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Kobie Boshoff, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Ann Kennedy-Behr, Senior Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Jocelyn Kernot, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Carolyn Murray, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Ben Sellar, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Brad Stenner, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Scott Weeks, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Dr Shelley Wright, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Ms Jo McInnes, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Ms Sarah McMullen-Roach, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy 

Ms Lindy Williams, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Ms Wendy Cearns (nee Hariz), Clinical Liaison Coordinator: OT

Ms Susie Owens, Clinical Liaison Coordinator: OT

Ms Sarah Seekamp, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy


Physiotherapy P/G

Physiotherapy U/G

Dr Gisela Van Kessel, Program Director: Physiotherapy (Undergraduate) 

Associate Professor Lorraine Sheppard, Associate Professor

Dr Rose Boucaut, Senior Lecturer

Dr Katia Ferrar, Lecturer

Dr Caroline Fryer, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Michelle Guerin, Lecturer in Physiotherapy 

Dr Kylie Johnston, Senior Lecturer

Dr Sophie Lefmann, Clinical Educator Physiotherapy

Dr Katrina Li, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Maureen McEvoy, Lecturer

Dr Anna Phillips, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Margarita Tsiros, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Jeric Uy, Lecturer in Physiotherapy (Rehabilitation)

Dr Julie Walters, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Dr Emily Ward, Lecturer in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics)

Ms Alison Bell, Lecturer

Ms Tam Dandridge, Lecturer in Physiotherapy (Neurological Rehabilitation)

Mr Ian Fulton, Lecturer

Ms Narelle Ryan, Lecturer in Physiotherapy (Paediatrics) 

Ms Tanya Simmonds, Lecturer in Physiotherapy 

Mr Harry Truong, Lecturer in Physiotherapy (Musculoskeletal) 


Population Health

Speech Pathology

Administrative Staff

Academic Services (Academic)

Academic Services (Research)

Clinical Operations

Technical Services

Research Groups Administration

Alliance for Research in Exercise, Nutrition and Activity (ARENA)

Ms Emily Vaughton, Administrative Officer

Dr Catherine Yandell, Senior Technical Officer

Ms Kate Dyer, Clinical Trails Coordinator

Body in Mind (BiM)

Ms Tracy Jones, Administrative Officer: Research

Australian Centre for Precision Health (ACPreH)

Ms Julie Browne, Administrative Officer

Ms Bridget Powell, Administrative Assistant: Research - Cancer Epidemiology & Population Health

Ms Judith Burgemeister, Personal Assistant to the Research Chair -  Health Economics & Social Policy

Dr Louise Wiles, Project Manager: Research- Patient Safety and Healthcare Human Factors

International Centre for Allied Health Evidence (iCAHE)

Ms Debro Thaw, Academic Services Officer