Professional Certificate in Occupational Therapy Driver Assessment

The University of South Australia’s driver assessment course offer a quality product to occupational therapists. These predominantly online subjects utilise a competency based training framework, underpinned by reflection, self directed learning and group participation, in order to deepen theoretical understanding and practical application.

An integral component of the learning is a case studies approach that:

  • Promotes critical problem solving strategies, and
  • Relates to the experience and expertise of participants.

On completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Perform an occupational analysis of the driving task
  • Describe the potential impacts of medical conditions, impairment or disability on the driver and driving performance
  • Demonstrate competencies in the occupational therapy driver assessment process including gathering and recording the required information within the pre drive screen, the on-road and feedback/counselling components of the assessment
  • Develop and prescribe a driver training and/or modifications program
  • Write an occupational therapy driver assessment report including outcomes and recommendations
  • Compile a critical description of the personal learning that has occurred

Learning modules are structured to follow the same order as the off-road and on-road assessment process. These modules are completed independently and then shared with your learning group via an on-line discussion area.

OT Driver Assessment 2 course has a 3 day intensive in that brings together the theory into practice.

OT Driver assessment 1

  • First Semester (13 weeks)

OT Driver assessment 2

  • Second Semester (12 weeks including a three day face to face intensive in Adelaide) 


OT Driver Assessment 1 - $2200 (including GST)
OT Driver Assessment 2 - $2200 (including GST)
Total for both Courses - $4400 (including GST)

Further information

Enquiries should be directed to Angela Berndt,

To register for these courses you will need to download and complete the University’s Short Course Application Form and return to:

OT Driver Assessment Course
School of Health Sciences
Internal Post Code CEA-14
GPO Box 2471
Adelaide SA 5001


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