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UniSA is offering students who are undertaking the Pharmacy Intern Training Program the opportunity to obtain a Graduate Certificate Pharmacy Practice by completing an additional 9 units of study. These units can be chosen from the list of courses that comprise the Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice.

With the market becoming more and more competitive, it is becoming increasingly important to have an edge over the competition. Completing a postgraduate degree at University is highly respected and can give that edge to pharmacists seeking career progression and commensurate remuneration.

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Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice

UniSA's Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice is an 18-unit coursework program that incorporates the courses taught as part of the UniSA Pharmacy Intern Program and additional clinical pharmacy and pharmacotherapeutic therapy courses that involve a range of specialised modules.

A major focus of the program is the implementation of a blended mix of course delivery that includes self paced background study material detailing goals and objectives, recommended readings, online lectures, discussion boards as well as interactive onsite seminars.

Students who complete the Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice are well on their way to completing a Master of Clinical Pharmacy which can be obtained after a further 36 Units of study (one year full-time equivalent). All Clinical Pharmacy Programs are delivered externally online with face-to-face seminars, and are offered part-time-or full-time.

Seminar dates

  • Seminar 1: February 16 & 17 2020
  • Seminar 2: April 19 & 20 2020
  • Seminar 3: July 19 & 20 2020
  • Seminar 4: September 20 & 21 2020

All seminars will be held at the UniSA City East Campus 

Detailed program information    Application and admission information


Professional Certificate Pharmacy Intern Training Program for International Students

This program is intended for intern pharmacists completing a period of approved supervised practice to be eligible for registration as a pharmacist in Australia. The program is competency-based and has been developed to address the Competency Standards for Pharmacists in Australia. It is intended to provide interns with experiential learning so that at the completion of the program they can apply the required knowledge, attributes and skills to demonstrate competence in the required standards necessary to commence unsupervised practice as a competent registered pharmacist.

Program objectives 

  1. Provide high quality, multimodal, comprehensive learning experiences, so that upon completion of the program, interns have the 'knowledge, skills and attributes which meet all functional areas necessary to commence unsupervised practice as a competent registered pharmacist'.
  2. Provide comprehensive support to interns to assist them as they progress from intern to registered pharmacists.
  3. Immerse interns in the experience of lifelong learning and provide an opportunity for pharmacists to obtain formal postgraduate qualifications in pharmacy practice.

Course Overview 

Course weighting
Equivalent to 9.0 units

Course Duration
Part-time (external) over two study periods (SP2 and SP5)

Course Delivery Mode
Online study materials are provided to students supported by four compulsory face-to-face seminars across the program.

Seminar Dates
Each seminar is two days in duration. 2019 Seminars dates are to be confirmed.

All seminars will be held at the UniSA City East Campus

Course Dates and Fees 

Study Period 2 (1st half of the year)
Study Period 5 (2nd half of the year)

International Students pay $2,550

Entry Requirements 

This course is a professional certificate offered only by external study to international students who are undertaking their Australian Pre-Registration (Intern) Training Program. Completion of the course satisfies the requirements of the Pharmacy Board of Australia for Pharmacy Intern Training Programs.

Note: Current international students in the Bachelor of Pharmacy programs, who are in Australia on a student visa and who intend to remain in Australia to undertake the internship year, will need to apply for a different visa. A student visa is not valid because the Internship Program and the Graduate Certificate in Pharmacy Practice are not CRICOS registered. Enrolments from student visa holders will not be accepted.

International students located in Australia will need to seek advice from DIAC (Department of Immigration and Citizenship) and/or a  registered migration agent as to which visa is appropriate for part-time study and full-time work. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure they have the appropriate visa.

UniSA is a sponsor for the Occupational Trainee Stream of Visa (Training and Research Visa subclass 402) for eligable interns undertaking the Pharmacy Intern Training Program. It is the responsibility of the student/intern to ensure they have an appropriate visa.

International applicants are required to hold an award from a tertiary institution which is at least equivalent to a Bachelor of Pharmacy (see Note 1) degree, and be eligible to undergo supervised experiential pre-registration pharmacy training in Australia (see Intern Pharmacist Registration below).

Intern Pharmacist Registration

Provisional Registration with the Pharmacy Board of Australia in an approved practice site is required on enrolment in this program. Students who fail to gain Provisional Intern Pharmacist Registration, or who have their registration rescinded during the program, will be unable to continue the program.

Note 1: To be considered equivalent to a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree, the award must have a principal focus on pharmacokentics, applied pharmacology, disease pathophysiology and treatment. An award with a principal focus on pharmaceutical manufacturing will not be considered equivalent for entry into the program.

English Language Entry Requirements

In addition, international students who speak English as a foreign language must have obtained one of the following standards within the last two years prior to admission. English Language Test (see Note 2) - one of the following:

  • IELTS (International English Language Testing System) with a reading and writing score of 7.0 and an overall band score of 7.0
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) equivalent
  • English Language Programs): Successful completion of the CELUSA Academic English Program at appropriate level
  • Other qualifications: Successful completion of a tertiary qualification at Bachelor level or above completed in Australia within the last two years
  • Successful completion of at least two years of tertiary study at Bachelor level or above conducted and completed in English within the last five years in a country in which English is commonly used, as determined by the University (see Note 3 below). Where the study in English was more than five years ago, this requirement may be satisfied by subsequent and recent work experience of at least two years duration in a setting where English is the language of business subject to satisfactory evidence determined by the University.

Note: The Pharmacy Board of Australia has specific English Language requirements for general registration after the internship year. Please refer to the Pharmacy Board of Australia’s website for detailed information (www.pharmacyboard.gov.au/Registration-Standards.aspx)

Note 2: Results from IELTS and TOEFL are valid for two years

Note 3: The University, through UniSA International, maintains a list of countries where English is commonly used and which would satisfy the criterion. This may include particular educational institutions within a given non-English speaking country where English is the language of instruction.


Please download and complete the application form (PDF, 185Kb). Completed forms should be sent to:

Senior Academic Services Officer Karen O'Callaghan
School of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences

University of South Australia
City East Campus
Frome Road
Adelaide SA 5000

Facsimile: +61 8 8302 2389
Email: Karen.O'Callaghan@unisa.edu.au

Application Closing Date:

Applications for Study Period 2 admissions close at the end of January.

Applications for Study Period 5 admissions close at the end of June.

Enquiries and Appointments 

Josephine Crockett, Manager Pharmacy Postgraduate Education Unit
Telephone: +61 8 8302 1024 Email: josephine.crockett@unisa.edu.au

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