Mental Health Master Classes

Are you interested in learning some advanced practice skills in mental health nursing?

Please read on for details of a free opportunity to learn from some of South Australia's more senior mental health clinicians.


Professor Nicholas Procter
Chair: Mental Health Nursing

What are Master Classes?

UniSA's School of Nursing and Midwifery has a long tradition of community engagement with students and clinicians by hosting Mental Health Master Classes. Each Master Class is free of charge and open to senior undergraduate and all postgraduate health, nursing and midwifery students, academic staff and practising clinicians.

Recent topics covered include:

  • Advanced mental state examination and suicide risk assessment;
  • Assessing and responding to auditory hallucinations;
  • Therapeutic communication and engagement;
  • Deliberate self harm with suicidal intent;
  • Trauma and complex care for children and young people;
  • Refugee and transcultural mental health;
  • Metabolic syndrome;
  • Aggression management and de-escalation techniques.

Each presenter works through a de-identified case, explains holistic assessment models and discusses findings, decision points and interagency referral plans. The Master Classes are interactive with opportunity for attendees to ask questions and participate in debate and discussion.

Feedback from participants about the benefits of Master Classes has been uniformly positive. Attendees find the real world example of practice from clinicians both informative and supportive of their ongoing professional development.

UniSA's Mental Health Master Class are conducted in partnership with SA Health as part of advancing mental health reform throughout the state and community.

Previous Master Class presenters include:

  • Tim Crowley, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Trauma and Complex Care, CAMHS
  • Phillip Galley, Clinical Nursing Director, Country Health SA
  • Sally Hampel, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Adelaide Health Service
  • Adrian Jackson, Associate Clinical Services Coordinator, Eastern Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service
  • Lesley Legg, Clinical Practice Consultant, Quality and Safety, Adelaide Health Service
  • Monica McEvoy, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Refugee and Multicultural Mental Health, CAMHS
  • Michael Merritt, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Consultation and Liaison, Adelaide Health Service
  • Simon Moody, Clinical Practice Consultant, Lyell McEwin Health Service
  • Mike Musker, Advanced Clinical Services Coordinator, Forensic Mental Health Service, James Nash House
  • Linda Nobes, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Adult Mental Health, Adelaide Health Service
  • Nicholas Procter, Chair: Mental Health Nursing, University of South Australia
  • Julie-Anne Reilly, Clinical Nurse, Eastern Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service
  • Cate Rowlands, Lyell McEwin Health Service, Adelaide Health Service
  • Lorraine Smitham, Clinical Nurse, Eastern Assessment and Crisis Intervention Service
  • Susan Wilson, Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Candidate, Adult Mental Health, Adelaide Health Service

Upcoming Master Classes

Mental Health Master Classes will be held again in 2017. Further details and invitations to participate will be announced via UniSA student and staff email.

If you do not receive UniSA student and staff email and wish to be notified about the next Master Class, please email

Areas of study and research

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