18 June 2014

The University of South Australia is now offering the Master of Data Science to international students studying online in their home countries or on-campus in Adelaide.

The almost incomprehensible volume of data generated from new advances in technologies and systems such as mobile phone interactions, social media sites, online searches, as well as sensor technologies and machine-to-machine interactions. This growth in data production has spawned the new and exciting area of Big Data. 

In order to leverage all the data generated in our interconnected world today, a new career role emerged, that of ‘data scientist’. There currently exists an acute shortage of data scientists and it is anticipated that this career will grow massively in demand during the next few years with a recent McKinsey Global Institute report projecting a 50% gap between projected demand and supply by 2018.

The Master of Data Science provides students with the analytic and technical skills to effectively extract useful information from “Big Data” to support the management and operations of an organisation. Data Science can be defined as the broad use of data and quantitative analysis for decision-making. It brings together the best of data management, analytic methods, and the presentation of results. Additionally graduates of this program will be awarded industry certification by SAS, and be in a position to be immediately useful within an organisation as a data scientist.

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