12 August 2015

Following on from the Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) article in the last Agent Newsletter, representatives from the University attended an information session presented by the Department of Home Affairs (HA). We would like to share with you some further information:

  • SSVF is available to all providers, all courses, all sectors
  • HA believe that 85% of total student visa applications will fall into streamlined evidentiary requirements under SSVF, compared to 75% under SVP
  • the Assessment Levels (ALs) of providers and countries will not be published – they will feed into an online tool (i.e. Client Service Tool) that prospective students can access to guide their evidence requirements; and
  • evidentiary requirements will be based on the combined immigration risk of the student’s country of citizenship and their chosen education provider, as shown below:

SSVF requirements diagram

The University of South Australia is in Assessment Level 1 (the lowest risk category) and therefore all of our students will have access to the faster, simpler student visa processing arrangements under SSVF. Your continued vigilance to only send the University applicants that you believe are Genuine Students and Genuine Temporary Entrants is of increased importance under SSVF and we appreciate your assistance and support to ensure we maintain our AL1 status.

Subject to the regulatory change process, it is expected that the SSVF will be implemented in mid-2016. Information will be updated on the HA’s website as it becomes available at www.immi.gov.au.

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