Add value to your school, centre or department by hosting a teaching student

The University of South Australia is fostering high quality teaching practice in our community and is committed to supporting the development of Preservice Teachers (PSTs). As a host site such as a school, early learning or childcare centre, Department for Education, Catholic Education or an independent school, you can collaborate by hosting a UniSA teaching student.

The Professional Experience Office (PEO) supports industry host sites by optimising partner engagement. We build strong connections and nurture relationships with state, national and international sites.

Benefits for your organisation

  • Benefit from student enthusiasm and energy
  • Gain fresh perspectives and access to the latest teaching techniques
  • Mentor, collaborate and co-teach



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Access fresh ideas and gain extra resources for your organisation


Tap into a pool of enthusiastic students with a desire to learn


Help develop the next wave of talented graduates

Program details

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    Role of a University Supervisor

    The University Supervisor supports the Preservice Teacher in undertaking placement requirements by maintaining and strengthening the partnership between the University and the site. One University Supervisor is appointed to each site.

    The University Supervisor is responsible for:

    • Liaising with the PSTs, the University and the supervising teacher
    • Arranging visits to the allocated placement schools
    • Ensuring PSTs carry out their responsibilities
    • Visiting placement schools and observing the allocated PSTs.

    University Supervisors play crucial roles in the Preservice Teachers’ initial teaching and professional placement experiences. Download a sample teaching observation form.


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    Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL)

    For Sites and University Supervisors: 

    The University of South Australia welcomes your participation in this component of TESOL programs.

    This TESOL Professional Experience is included within core courses in our programs, and integral to the philosophy of the program. Our approach to the Professional Experience seeks to unite theory and practice, and to develop a collaborative and equal partnership between educational settings and the University.

    This idea of partnership is central to the Professional Experience process. The University component provides PSTs with an opportunity to explore theory and investigate theory emergent in practice. The educational setting component provides them with an opportunity to put theory into practice and reflect on theory emergent in practice in exchanges with their university lecturer and their supervising lecturer(s).

    In the TESOL Professional Experience, PSTs are connected with experienced qualified teachers, recently qualified teachers, and novice PSTs. Site coordinators and supervising lecturers identify what prior experience each PST brings to the TESOL Professional Experience, and offer a responsive mentoring experience.

    The broad parameters of the Professional Experience are as follows:

    • PSTs are attached to placement settings, sometimes in a group and sometimes individually
    • PSTs are allocated a TESOL supervising lecturer who becomes the main contact within the setting, and the major source of advice and inspiration
    • Supervising lecturers’ support for the PSTs as critical friends in the placement is vital for the development of reflective practice.We believe this is of the utmost importance for new graduate teachers who are not necessarily experienced teachers, and also have limited TESOL experience. We rely on the professional experience and expertise of supervising lecturers.
    • The idea is that PSTs will operate as adjunct staff members in the placement setting
    • A University liaison lecturer is allocated to each Professional Experience site, to act as a conduit between the University and the site, to provide support to site supervising lecturers where appropriate, and to support the PST/graduate teacher in fulfilling university requirements.

    In this model, education settings and the University are both conceptualised as places where theoretically informed practice occurs. It is envisaged that PSTs will observe, gather data and document and reflect on their experiences throughout the Professional Experience.

    The University TESOL lecturers are excited about this approach to the Professional Experience, and have found that PSTs and supervising lecturers generally find it professionally stimulating, challenging and ultimately rewarding. We are looking forward to working with you in supporting our student teachers.

    We welcome your involvement in this venture, which has the potential to offer many new and exciting challenges for a group of enthusiastic beginning TESOL teachers.

    For more information, please contact Dr Greg Restall, Lecturer in Education (TESOL).

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