Sanaa Story Telling

Sanaa Storytelling

Sanaa Story Telling

presented by
Zainab Zahra Syed
6pm - 7.15pm

Draw your (S)words
7.15pm - 9pm

Thursday 15 March 2018






The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, in conjunction with Sanaa Ink, will present a free public lecture as

part of the Sanaa: A Better World Through Creativity festival.

Zainab Zahra Syed is an internationally touring Pakistani writer, performer, educator and spoken word artist, who has performed and taught workshops across the world. Zainab will deliver a talk, as well as poetry - sharing with audiences her view on the world, in a unique and poetical manner.

Zainab's writing and poetry is a tribute to heritage and to home, to identity and resistance in the face of displacement (displacement of self, of community, of country). It disrupts as much as it heals. It explores what it means to exist between cultures. To be rooted in memory, and in self. What it means to preserve. She often find's herself as a translator between people, between cultures, between her own memories of strength and vulnerability. She explore the points of intersection: between sorrow and celebration, personal and political, love and loss – in an attempt to inhabit the spaces between them to find the pulse that makes us human. And especially now, to be unafraid to confront but also seek to connect - to find ways to love in the midst of hate.

NB: this event replaces Sisonke Msimang as speaker at this event.

Open Mic, Poetry and Spoken Word Event - 7.15PM Onwards

Following on from Sanaa Story Telling

, Adelaide locals Gemma Boyd and Wallis Prophet will host Draw Your (S)words. A monthly open mic poetry and spoken word event, Draw Your (S)words was created to provide a platform for anyone willing to share, read or recite their stories. It’s a space of inspiration and vulnerability, performing is not mandatory, it’s also a space for poetry heads to come along to listen and absorb. Draw your (S)words does not discriminate, it’s a safe and inclusive space made up of a supportive community, for people to come together and bond over their love for poetry. Join us from 7.15pm in the Kerry Packer Civic Gallery, where you will have the opportunity to hear from a number of local South Australian poets, share your poetry if inclined as well as view the Sanaa Exhibition.

Refreshments will be provided.

Zainab zahrA syed

Zainab Zahra Syed is performance poet, educator and producer. Since graduating from Brown University in 2014, Zainab has been performing & facilitating workshops for schoolchildren, incarcerated women, trauma victims as well as migrants and refugees across the world. In 2015 she was a finalist in the National Australian Poetry Slam. In 2016, she co- founded 

WORD Ink, launching Pakistan's first poetry slam as well as other grassroots programs to create safe spaces for creative expression.  In January 2017, Zainab decided to lay roots in Perth for the foreseeable future, and joined Performing Lines WA as an Associate Producer. She is also co-founder of illUMEnate: U+Me For Humanity events for for CaLD communities in WA and a Humanitarian Observer for the Immigration Detention Monitoring Program at the Australian Red Cross

'Inconvenient Numbers' - National Poetry Slam 2015


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Presented by The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre and Sanaa Ink
This is an Adelaide Fringe Event 

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