21 June 2021

In this seminar, Professor Gillean McCluskey will present her research on Scotland’s policy frameworks and how they contributed to lowering school exclusions. This research is the first cross-national study of school exclusion in the four jurisdictions of the UK and the first analysis of policy and political frameworks for school exclusion in Scotland. It provides insight into the ways in which national policies and local factors more generally shape schools and their practices.


gillean-mccluskey-square.jpgProfessor Gillean McCluskey, Deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Education Inclusion and Diversity, University of Edinburgh, is an international expert in restorative practices in education and exclusion from schools. Professor McCluskey is currently an investigator on the ESRC funded study ‘Excluded Lives: Political Economies of School Exclusion in the UK’.

Her research aims to contribute to understanding of the impact of inequalities in education by advancing first, an understanding of exclusion from school and, secondly, the role that restorative practices may have to play in this. Professor McCluskey is currently an investigator on a large study, ‘Political Economies of School Exclusion in the UK’. She has worked in mainstream schools and alternative settings with young people in trouble and at risk in the past, and maintains a close interest in the lived experiences of schooling, and the importance of listening to young people. More details available here.

Seminar Panel

To help to contextualise the research, a panel will ask questions from their organisation’s perspective. Panel members:

  • Colin Pettit, Commissioner for Children and Young People, Western Australia.
  • Sarah Kelly, Assistant Director, Engagement and Wellbeing, Department for Education, South Australia
  • Dr Neil Tippett, University of South Australia


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