20 March 2023

The Centre for Research in Educational and Social Inclusion invites you to attend

Traversing Old and New Literacies.

What is the state of play with literacy in our digital networked age? Is the book dead or just transformed? How should we relate to literacies of other times and places?

A stellar roll call of literacy researchers, established and emergent, will address these questions while taking on a challenge at this unusual book launch. Each has chosen a chapter from the new book Traversing Old and New Literacies: The undead book and other assemblages by Professor Sue Nichols as a focus for a brief and punchy commentary. 

Hear from our speakers and then join us for drinks and nibbles to keep the conversation going.

Speakers include:

Special Offer: Attendees will qualify for a 20 per cent discount from Springer on purchase of the book.