07 November 2022

The Alliance for Research in Exercise Nutrition and Activity (ARENA) are planning our inaugural South Australian Healthy Lifestyle State Research Forum, to be on November 7th, 2022.

The overall theme of the day is ‘Healthy Lives for Healthy Living’, with the morning session focusing on current nationally and internationally leading research to improve health and performance here in South Australia.

Our up and coming researchers will then present the work they are doing to benefit our community and the impact these studies will have on the wider population. 

The forum will end with an industry panel session entitled: “In conversation with Industry: How can research help? How can we engage? How can we partner?”. Here we will invite key stakeholders to discuss the research that matters. This session is being chaired by Professor Marnie Hughes-Warrington, the Deputy Vice Chancellor: Research and Enterprise at the University of South Australia. 

Through lively and informed discussions, this industry focused session aims to build researchers’ capacity to collaborate with stakeholders to improve health outcomes for South Australians. 

More information on key speakers for the day will be confirmed.


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