10 November 2021

‘International Collaboration for Culturally Inclusive Early Childhood Pedagogies Symposium’

This symposium will highlight contemporary research, theory and practice to inform early childhood pedagogies that move beyond a “cultural competence” approach to explore the importance of critical cultural integrity in early childhood pedagogy. 

Presenters include members of the International Collaboration for Culturally Inclusive Early Childhood Pedagogies (CIECP).  The purpose of this symposium is to stimulate critical reflection and dialogue to explore possibilities for informing future policy and practice. During this symposium we will explore:

  • How do theoretical perspectives inform understandings about pedagogy, practice, learning and children’s play?
  • How can we promote cultural integrity in early childhood pedagogies?
  • What pedagogies and practices honour an image of all children as capable citizens who are valued for their contributions to their communities?

Panel Presentations:

  • Sue Grieshaber and Sally Barnes - Playing with the Politics of Play
  • Christine Woodrow, Jacqueline D’warte and Jamie Sisson - Methods for Engaging with Funds of Knowledge
  • Associate Professor Jenny Ritchie and Associate Professor Louise Phillips - Learning with Indigenous Wisdom in a Time of Multiple Crises: Embodied and Emplaced Early Childhood Pedagogies
  • Jeanne-Marie Iorio, Nicola Yelland and Jayson Cooper - Defying Deficit: Children as Capable Citizens for the Now
  • Dr. Catherine Hamm - Place-noticing: Creating the Conditions for Ethical and Political Pedagogies

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